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Chef Masayuki Hattori

巣 SU: The Nest/nest/: a cozy place: home Please join us in a warm welcome to Chef Masayuki Hattori, who has joined our nest and is now the Executive Chef of our new sister restaurant 巣-SU. Masa hails from Kyoto, Japan where his journey has taken him a long way from home and the days when his uncle trained him in the art of making sushi. After twenty-six years he has retired from his quaint Downtown Restaurant, Sushi Land East.  In this new creation and intimate fifteen seat restaurant Masa brings his precise skill and vast creativity into preparing omakase; a dish that is shaped as the customer lets go of control and entrusts the chef with their meal. When omakase is ordered, Masayuki creates a unique dish composed of the freshest fish, decedent textures, and vibrant flavors. This trust allows his passion for sushi to shine though in every plate he prepares. 

Experience SU

Omakase: Omakase is a traditional Japanese dining experience where guests leave the menu in the hands of an exceptionally skilled chef, and the reward is a memorable meal which is seasonal, artistic, intimate and refined. Directly translated, omakase means “I leave it up to you”, placing full trust in a master chef to create a superior dining experience, where every plate is a unique presentation, made specifically for each guest. Omakase changes with every occasion, built on the inspiration of the chef and the freshest ingredients of the moment. Immerse yourself in the amazing flavors, the delicate beauty, and the authentic tradition of omakase prepared by Chef Masayuki Hattori.